(You can also continue on to the Teton Scenic Byway and Grand Teton National Park)

To reach Mesa Falls Scenic Byway take US 20 from West Yellowstone into Idaho approximately 34 miles. Watch for the Scenic Byway Idaho 47, where it turns left. This Scenic Byway includes the Upper and Lower Mesa Falls. You will arrive at the Upper Falls first where a boardwalk leads from the Historic Big Falls Inn, now the visitor center and gift shop, right to the brink of the Upper Mesa Falls. You will then travel another mile down to the Grandview overlook of Lower Mesa Falls. At 114 feet high for the Upper Mesa Falls and 65 feet high for the Lower Mesa falls they offer equally spectacular views in a beautiful forest setting. Both falls can be viewed in full, Lower Falls from a quarter mile distance and the Upper Falls from just a few feet away. As you leave Mesa Falls turn right and travel on toward Bear Gulch and Warm River. Though the byway is less than an hours driving time, viewing the falls, touring the interpretive center, enjoying a picnic lunch and making stops to view wildflowers can easily fill half a day. For an added excursion take the Cave Falls Road to the Hidden Part of Yellowstone that is accessed from Idaho and visit Cave Falls and the Bechler Area.