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The Oregon Shortline Terminus Historic District consists of the land and buildings that remain from the Union Pacific’s railroad facilities in West Yellowstone. The UP built these facilities early in the 1900s to service tourists traveling to Yellowstone by way of West Yellowstone, know then as “Yellowstone.” The Yellowstone Historic Center’s Museum, located in the 1909 Union Pacific Depot, offers a glimpse into the rich travel history of Yellowstone National Park and into the elegance of train travel in the first half of the 1900s. 

The Yellowstone Historic Center offers many exhibits in the spring, summer and fall including the rich history about some of the back country outposts, Wings into the west and much more

The West Yellowstone Historic Walking Tour leads visitors on a trip through the past from the 1909 Depot, Forest Service Cabins from the 1920s, to the magnificent Union Pacific Dining Lodge. In addition to the self-guided brochure, the tour uses interpretive signs posted along the “trail” throughout town that give visitors a glimpse of bygone days and the development of this unique gateway to Yellowstone National Park. Don’t miss the fully restored executive train car housed inside the Holiday Inn.

Traveling to other locations in Montana? The Montana's Cultural Treasures website contains a full listing of art galleries, museums, historical sites, s well as literary treasures, festivals, and performing arts events.  Wondering what cultural opportunities a particular Montana community has to offer?  There is a map guide to help you find them!
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